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A Guide to Selecting Your Wedding Colors

The wedding-planning process can be accomplished in a variety of different ways and orders, but regardless of what you decide to plan out first, selecting your wedding colors should be near the top of your list. While your venue, date, style, and wedding necessities may inspire your wedding colors, the hues you choose will be the basis for many of your design elements after that. Luckily, there are a wealth of good ways to decide the perfect color scheme for you, and the TTWD team has listed some of the most effective techniques we know just for you!

Consider Your Venue and Location

Where you’ll be holding your ceremony, reception, and more can be a fantastic starting point for choosing your wedding colors. If you’ll be having your wedding in a historic hotel ballroom with primarily gold design, choosing a color that  complements that interior will make your décor feel consistent and complete. Furthermore, the location of your wedding as a whole – the city, a secluded countryside, or the beach – has naturally occurring colors that can be helpful to add to your color scheme to highlight the beauty around you!

Use the Wedding Date and Season As Inspiration

If you’ve read our “Seasonal Design Inspiration” post already, you know that we love to pull ideas for colors, foods, and more from the seasons here at TTWD. We know that might not be for everyone, though, and even if you’re simply using the season of your wedding to rule out certain tones, being aware of how your wedding date may affect guest attire, in-season flowers, and the look of your events overall is important in selecting your colors. If you want to build a unique but season-conscious look, we recommend choosing one seasonal hue and accenting with some of your personal favorites that compliment it!

Think About Your Personal Style

How can you assure that your wedding colors will stand the test of time and continue to be ones you love looking back at photos in 10 years? Drawing from your own personality, style, and even home décor can be a wonderful way! By incorporating the colors you wear and use often in your daily life, you can get the peace of mind that you’re not simply choosing colors based off of the year’s trends. If you love decorating with neutrals in your home or know jewel tones complement your skin tone beautifully, it’s likely that you’ll love them in your wedding design and décor, as well!

Base Colors Off of Your Must-Haves

You may have a specific type of flower in mind or a decoration piece that you know you want incorporated into your wedding design. If so, consider how you could use the tones found in whatever that must-have may be into the color palate for your event. By knowing ahead of time that you’ll be wearing your great grandmother’s emerald earrings or using flowers that may only be available in certain colors, you can be sure that these essentials will work well with the rest of your wedding colors and complete the aesthetic beautifully.

Choose a Base Color and Add Accents

Sometimes you may get caught up in wanting to create a complete color scheme all at once. While it’s great to have multiple colors in mind from the very beginning of your palate selection process, starting with a base color and adding other colors to the scheme from there can be an incredibly effective way to choose all tones you love. Begin with one color you definitely want in your design and look to the color wheel to find complementary and analogous shades. Don’t be afraid to turn to neutrals, either! If you know you’ll be using plenty of ivory or gray in your design, those simple colors can be wonderful to base your selections off of as well!

Decide What Mood You’d Like Your Colors to Create

The mood of your wedding can be affected by a variety of factors, and color choices can be play a large role in helping determine it. If you want to create a more romantic or vintage feel, blacks, whites, low lighting, and one main accent color can set the tone exquisitely. On the other hand, for a lively daytime or destination wedding, a variety of monochromatic or complementary hues play well to a vibrant and exciting feel. While there are no “rules” in creating the mood of your wedding with colors, considering the different feelings certain hues evoke can be helpful in your decision-making process!

Get Advice From Your Planner

Your wedding planner can be an incredible resource in helping you select the right colors for your wedding. With experience planning many weddings in the past, thorough knowledge of your venue, and an eye for design as a whole, your planner will often be able to assist you in pinpointing colors that you and your significant other will cherish forever. If you’re stuck between colors and don’t currently have a planner, click here to contact the TTWD staff and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Choosing your wedding colors is an essential step to your wedding planning process. There are many techniques and tricks to help you select the perfect palate for you such as considering location, incorporating your own style, working from a single starting color, and even asking your planner for help. Most importantly, though, if you choose the colors you love for your big day there’s no way you can go wrong!

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