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     15 years of                                      EVENTS

our         has
15 years of
EVENTS Worldwide

At Tracy Taylor Ward Design we produce parties that transcend trends and exude refinement, layering thoughtful details that have an enduring quality which celebrate the art of living.




Named "A Top Planner In The World" By Brides Magazine &
Martha Stewart Weddings


The best celebrations begin with an exceptional plan.

Enter: our team of the most kind, collaborative, experienced, and stylish event producers. 

Owner and Creative Director

Software Developer and Graphic Artist

Senior Event Producer and Marketing Manager

Associate Event Producer

On-Site Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator

Owner and Creative Director

Meet Tracy

Known for her discerning eye, precise attention to detail, and her sophisticated aesthetic, Tracy began her career 18 years ago as an interior designer, drawn not only to creating gorgeous spaces but also soothing, comfortable environments; a style she describes as “effortless elegance.” In addition to her residential work, Tracy was co-host of the hit HGTV design series, Freestyle.

With a background rooted in the arts, Tracy strives to design events that are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but which also feature exceptional music and entertainment, ensuring every event is both extraordinarily fun and an experience that will never be forgotten.

Software Developer and Graphic Artist

Meet Matt

Matthew is TTWD’s graphic design and illustration guru and the visionary behind our custom stationery brand, Paper With Benefits. A self-described font nerd, Matthew is passionate about translating a client’s aesthetic and interests into beautiful printed materials. Matthew is a master at pairing print methods, typesetting, and artwork with the perfect layout and paper for an outstanding result. He is also the software development genius behind TTWD’s proprietary organizational tools, keeping clients on target, informed, and the planning process moving forward beautifully.



Always five steps ahead, Emilie is known for going the extra mile for our clients. Her impeccable attention to detail, combined with her confident and calm presence ensure every facet of our clients’ planning process and events are executed with precision and warmth. Her passion for the wedding industry was cultivated during her tenure in Public Relations & Brand Marketing at The Knot Worldwide. Emilie’s hands-on, personalized and solution-oriented approach to planning has been integral to the success and growth of TTWD.


MEET Kelsey

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Kelsey joined team TTWD in 2022. Kelsey’s commitment to providing an exceptional planning experience for each of our clients is unmatched. She effortlessly orchestrates the millions of logistical details that go into every event, while seamlessly managing vendor relations, client communications and more. With a passion for health and wellness, Kelsey prioritizes creating an uplifting, positive and supportive environment for each of our clients and all of our creative partners. 

On-site Coordinator

Meet LEA

Growing up in Vietnam, Lea developed a distinctive perspective and cultural depth that profoundly influences her approach to event coordination. Lea is our logistics queen, a testament to her unwavering commitment to going the extra mile for TTWD and each of our clients. Her organized and attentive nature ensures any celebration she is a part of runs seamlessly. 

On-site Coordinator

Meet Sophie

After planning luxury weddings in California, Sophie joined TTWD to support our West Coast projects while bringing her knowledge and creativity to our East Coast team! Sophie is known for her positive outlook, ability to connect with clients, and quick problem-solving skills. For Sophie, the beauty of an event is making it an unforgettable memory for every guest. ‘There is nothing sweeter than incredible experiences that lead to treasured memories among family and friends.

On-site Coordinator

Meet Nathalie

Drawing from her expertise as a strategic content creator, writer and editor for renowned lifestyle publications including The Knot, House Beautiful, Love Stories TV and more, Nathalie possesses an exquisite eye for design, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. A dedicated problem solver, eager to go above and beyond whenever needed, Nathalie has a remarkable ability to envelop everyone she encounters, making them feel cherished and exceptionally cared for both within and beyond an event setting.

On-site Coordinator

Meet Joelle

A south florida native, Joelle brings her sharp organizational skills and vibrant energy to every event day in order to ensure every celebration unfolds perfectly. Driven by a passion for cultivating memorable experiences and profound love of detail, Joelle strives to provide an environment where clients can relax and be fully present by wholeheartedly trusting in their entire vendor team. Her favorite element of a TTWD wedding day is seeing each couple’s unique style, personality and love story reflected in their festivities, from custom decor elements and impactful floral displays to unique entertainment or personalized guest favors! 

On-site Coordinator

Meet Becca

With a background in public relations and prior experiences working for various brands within the travel and hospitality industries, Becca has an innate ability to seamlessly execute events of any scale (and she always does so with the biggest smile on her face). Having planned many events across both corporate and social settings, Becca approaches each event with the utmost professionalism and confidence, ultimately ensuring that everyone on-site with her feels taken care of and supported.

On-site Coordinator


Mimi developed her passion for events while working in public relations at The Knot Worldwide and in her previous work in the television industry on the sets of events such as The Grammy Awards, Times Square New Year’s Eve, and the 2016 Democratic National Convention. She is detail-oriented, a problem solver, and always warm and upbeat. She loves the fast pace of events and the opportunity to help create unforgettable moments for clients.

On-site Coordinator

Meet Imogen

Imogen grew up splitting her time between the cosmopolitan backdrop of London and the charming shores of Westport, Connecticut, during which she cultivated a strong passion for creating memorable experiences for others. After obtaining a dual degree in psychology and communications, Imogen moved to NYC to explore a career path in marketing, during which she joined the TTWD team. Her warm personality, proactive work ethic and attention to detail has led her to become an invaluable member of our coordination team. 

On-site Coordinator

Meet Chloe

Growing up between Los Angeles, CA, and Aspen, CO, Chloe developed a love of understand luxury and deep appreciation for the world of hospitality from a young age. Now based in NYC, Chloe has been supporting the TTWD team for two years, bringing her impeccable organization skills, warm personality and proactive approach to event coordination to every TTWD wedding day.

So much         than wedding planners. they are highly organized,                   talented designers, now I am lucky enough to call them dear friends.

so much           than wedding planners - they are highly organized and                        professionals, talented designers, and now I'M lucky enough to call them friends.



— Julia helman, Bride

We interviewed           planners before speaking with Tracy. Within five minutes I knew we found the         amazing team.

We interviewed
        planners before speaking with tracy. within five minutes  we knew we found the         amazing team.



— Sarah Drews, Bride

ttwd makes             happen for your big day which allows            to enjoy and get to experience every moment.




—  Gillian holdstein, bride


Our clients want to provide an unforgettable, crazy fun, one-of-a-kind experience for their loved ones, and they expect transparency, creativity, and collaboration from everyone they work with.

They care deeply about how their events look and feel- while valuing that only a talented interior designer turned event planner will have the unique experience, taste, and perspective to conceptualize and execute something truly spectacular for them.

They are extremely busy, smart, and successful individuals, and are very excited to be hosting their event, but they don't have time to serve as the point person for countless vendors, nor do they want to make thousands of micro-decisions.

They know that hiring the perfect partner whom they wholeheartedly trust will enable them to relax and keep living their lives, while simultaneously ensuring the success of their once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

This is why they choose Team TTWD.

Our clients are             of               lovers of travel, and enthusiasts of 

Our clients are                       of          lovers of travel, and enthusiasts of         




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