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5 Steps to Creating a Timeless Wedding Design

Approaching your wedding design may be intimidating to start, yet it doesn’t have to be. A timeless wedding design includes classic elements that will endure beyond what is considered trendy now. When beginning the planning process, having the goal to keep the design timeless will help elevate your entire style. Let these five steps guide you to finding your perfect, timeless wedding design!

Find Inspiration

Actively observing weddings you’ve previously attended, historic weddings, or looking at magazines can show you what you may want your wedding to be like. Look and see what elements weddings you view as timeless share. As you don’t necessarily need to copy these details, it is often a good idea to understand them and get the feeling of the overall design. As a rule of thumb, anything considered “trendy” is the opposite of timeless.

Choose Your Color Scheme

Deciding on your color palette is a great way to add direction to your planning, especially doing this early on. As a rule of thumb, you should try to have between 3 and 5 colors. Often for a timeless color scheme, majority of these colors should be your base colors, with maybe one or two adding a special addition to bring it altogether. At Tracy Taylor Ward Design, we often recommend light and airy colors to serve as the perfect base colors, allowing your “popping” color to shine.

Decide Your Style and Theme

Like your color scheme, choosing your style and theme early on will help guide the rest of your decisions. Often, timeless designs incorporate aspects of old styles with something new. For example, you may have venue that can bring in a sense of grandeur and timelessness in its architecture with décor that modernizes it. Maintaining an overall cohesion will allow this combination to be successful.

Simplicity With The Details

The details of your wedding will be the elements that tie everything together. Although there is a lot of freedom to what you may like to add to your décor, remember to keep it simple. Simplicity can add a sense of sophistication to your décor as nothing will be out of place. Little elements such as florals, candles, and furniture can add to the ambiance of your venue.

Make It Your Own

As you wish to create a timeless wedding design, do not forget to include your personalities too! As this is your big day, all of these steps should always strive to add what makes you happy and your favorite things. If you have a favorite color or a certain style, consider having it become part of your wedding! Overall, do not compromise what makes you a couple in order to achieve timelessness. Often, a wedding that lasts through time is unique in its own way!

The idea of a wedding lasting through time does not have to be hard to achieve. However, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed there is always the option to hire help! Often, wedding planners can guide you and bring to life the vision you have for your big day. As a rule of thumb, the earlier you start planning, the easier it will be to bring together your overall design. And remember, have fun as you create your timeless wedding design!

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