First Steps To Take Post-Engagement

Your significant other just popped the question – amazing! You are about to embark on a journey of love and happiness to last a lifetime, but what should you do next? Whether you decide to celebrate right away or jump into the planning process ASAP you can’t go wrong, but here are some important steps you should definitely include in your post-engagement to-do list!

Take A Moment To Celebrate

If you just got engaged, it’s okay to take a moment and soak it all in! Spend the day or afternoon celebrating with your new fiancé and have fun together. Don’t overwhelm yourself with wedding details just yet – you deserve the time to appreciate your engagement and your soon-to-be spouse!

Spread The News

First off, it’s time to tell your family and friends the good news. We recommend making a loose order for this process (i.e. telling your closest family members and friends before posting on social media) to make sure no one feels left out and so you get the opportunity to bask in the moment with as many wonderful people as possible!

Purchase Ring Insurance

Among the less exciting steps on the post-engagement checklist, getting your engagement ring insured is still important and should be done first thing if possible. Not only would it be a loss of money if something were to happen to your ring, having the option to replace something so meaningful is definitely a “better safe than sorry” situation.

Talk To Your Significant Other

This essential step is often overlooked, especially if either you or your fiancé are more apt to planning than the other. It’s nonetheless incredibly important, though, to start your communication as a couple before your wedding. Discussing budget plans, design options, and other wedding details together before moving forward makes wedding planning as a whole feel much more inclusive.

Start Planning an Engagement Party

While optional, hosting an engagement party can be a perfect start to your wedding festivities. Acting as a place for possible wedding guests to start to get to know each other and for you and your fiancé to spend time celebrating with loved ones, engagement parties are simple and fun ways to get you and all involved excited about your big day!

Consider Wedding Design Options

After you’ve discussed the main factors of your wedding with your new fiancé, it’s time to start building concrete design ideas for your events. Whether you begin to do this by choosing a venue, a color palate, or a specific date to hold your ceremony, nailing down a few important design elements early on will assist in the planning process immensely!

Interview Planners

Deciding whether or not you’ll be hiring a planner for your wedding events is another key step in our post-engagement checklist. Since your planner can help you choose a venue, design plan, food options, and so much more, interviewing planners early and deciding who’s right for you should be one of your first few wedding planning considerations.

Think About Your Guest List

Whether short, long, or somewhere in between, having a general idea of what your guest list will look like is a deciding factor for many other wedding planning steps to follow. Since your guest list determines the size of your venue, amount of food you’ll need, and overall allocation of budget to different design elements, getting an estimated guest count rounds out our post-engagement checklist!

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After the excitement of your engagement, it’s common to want to jump into the wedding planning process right away – and rightfully so! Making sure you check these eight steps off of your to-do list at the beginning, though, well help assure that many of the large, determining factors of your wedding planning process are set in stone first. For more wedding planning help and inspiration, visit our main site at!

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