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A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Engagement Photo Location

Congratulations on your recent engagement! Now it is time to capture your love and share your happiness with all of your friends and family members, and one of the first steps in doing this is having an engagement shoot. If you are stuck on finding a location, let this post guide you through important aspects to consider. The smallest detail can elevate your shoot and help create photographs you will want to hang in your home for years to come.

Your Special Places

When you think of your relationship—what are the moments that stick out? In other words, what were the special days or hours that the two of you spent together and that defined your relationship? Now consider the locations at which those moments took place. For example, the place where you and your fiancé met, the proposal location, a favorite place to go to together, or a simple romantic site are all spots you may choose to take your engagement photographs. Moreover, do not be afraid to do more than one location, especially if they are close by to each other!

Time of Day

Often photographers will recommend taking pictures at sunrise and sunset due to the unique golden-hour lighting. This glow often provides you and your significant a stunning background and adequate lighting without the need for flash. In addition to lighting, considering a time of day during which your location will be less crowded is extremely important. Especially if you choose a location with public access, scheduling your session to be at a less popular time of day will allow for more intimate photos.


As you think back to your special moments, remember what season they took place in. Locations may change drastically depending on the season. If you choose to go to a location with widely varying seasons, it is important to do a bit of research into what it looks like depending on the time of year. Whether you choose a date during the fall when the leaves are changing or in the spring with the flowers blooming, these little elements will be able to enhance your background. Moreover, be mindful of the rain and have a rain-date prepared for all outdoor locations. As you consider your special places, time of day, and the season, don’t be afraid to ask for the photographer’s advice! Not only do they have the expertise to guide you in the right direction, they probably know the best spots and how to avoid public interference. At the end of the day, your engagement shoot should showcase your love and the happiness you have found together. Allow your location to reflect that and your pictures will come out beautifully!

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