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10 Delicious Wedding Foods to Please Any Guest

As you decide the menu for your wedding, it can be exciting as your choices will pull together the reception! The menu can match the formality of your event or elevate it further as it reflects your style as a couple. Be mindful that your choices are light enough to keep your guests out of their seats. Moreover, all of these choices can be served in a variety of ways consistent with your big day. Let these ten delicious wedding foods be inspiration as ways to excite and satisfy all your guests!

Seasonal Salads

No matter the season of your wedding, a creative take on a classic salad is a crowd pleaser! A beautifully crafted caprese salad or spring salad can add lightness to your menu as well as look elegant.


Nothing says celebration like oysters. Their refreshing taste can appeal to your guests, especially if you have a spring or summer wedding! Consider having them served fresh with a variety of sauce additions at your guest’s disposal.

Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are an elegant choice to raise the sophistication of your menu. They can expose your guests to crisp, unique taste, especially when paired with the perfect sauce.

Filet Mignon

High-quality steak is a traditional addition to wedding menus for a reason: it appeals to most guests, can be easy to serve in an elevated way, and tastes great! What is not to love about a well-cooked filet mignon?


The luxurious taste of lobster is perfect no matter what form it may take. Whether you choose to offer it as the main course or as part of a different dish, shellfish is an easy way to elevate your menu.


Meatballs are a crowd pleaser no matter which type you may include. Like crab cakes, you can make meatballs your own with the sauce you decide to pair with it.


This French pastry is a sophisticated addition to your menu. There is flexibility is what you decide may be in them and can be altered to go perfectly with the rest of your food. Mini quiches also create an opportunity to include more than one type!


Potato croquettes are the perfect comfort food addition to your menu. As they can warm your guests upon the first bite, this is a great choice for a winter wedding.

Individual Desserts

This list would not be complete without including dessert. Consider having a station or serve individual desserts as part of your menu such as mini tarts, cakes, or pudding cups. This is a place to be creative and surprise your guests with a bit of sweetness!

There are so many options as you consider the food for your wedding menu! Whether you choose to include these ten options or others, be mindful to consider the special diets of your guests. Moreover, do not be afraid to expose your guests to cuisines they may have not tried before—especially if the food is on your favorites list. As always, have fun with the process and know that whatever you choose will please your guests! 

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